Posted on: 20 March, 2020

Author: Bruce Markey

Most possibly you’re aware of the most popular Chinese social platform Weibo advertising, which is often, compared as Chinese ‘Twitter’, and having over 580 million of active members... Most possibly you’re aware of the most popular Chinese social platform Weibo advertising, which is often, compared as Chinese ‘Twitter’, and having over 580 million of active members worldwide.What Exactly Is Weibo?Rather than offering the features of Twitter, it should be more specific to affirm that Weibo is an exclusive microblogging social site.When it comes to its character limit, Weibo offers a benchmarking of 140 characters for each post. Users can follow individual accounts, like texts apart from upload images, videos, and GIFs. Weibo offers its users with more personalized interacting scope to their likeminded members.A Comparison- Twitter vs. Weiboü  Weibo advertising doesn’t allow any political messaging which is allowed by Twitterü  Weibo publishes 19% more posting during each weekend whereas Twitter accounts 11% less posts all through weekends.ü  Weibo enables its users to post more personalized interacting scope to their likeminded members.The Uniqueness of Weibo AdvertisingIn fact, Weibo boasts its exclusivity that has made so popular among its priceless members is it enables its users to access more structured and custom-made advertising plans.Just by having a glance on its promotional plan, one can efficiently determine which Weibo advertising of Weibo is absolutely matching to its intended advertising plan. Just have a lookDecide Your Advertising GoalGetting increased engagement - Engagement facilitates strengthening your presence among social followers among your existing and prospective followers who happen to be your valued customers in due course.Gaining more Followers – If you’re intended to gain more and more followers, consider putting your promotion contents and posts on your Weibo account. With this, you can productively hearten escalating number of followers and also gain those who are being connected to your current follower base while facilitating you to reach a large-scale audience.Intended to boost brand awareness – If planning to increase brand awareness, Weibo allows you to post more appealing digital ads such as banner or commercial ads on its platform.Once you’ve decided your advertising plan, follow the strategic ad plans as recommended below:Increased engagementOwn a hashtag devoid of spending merely a penny and so long you would be the first user of it, you can have exclusive ownership on it. As a host of the hashtag, propose to incorporate it with your Weibo posts, which will appear as stapled on the page. Simply by the selection of a paid hashtag, it would be exhibited on the top of every page. Once users search for the hashtag, they’ll observe your page and accordingly, they can communicate their opinion on it while boosting your rate of engagement.Fun Headline is a well-liked paid advertising plan of Weibo that facilitates your posts to display on the top of your followers timeline feed.Gaining more followersWeibo advertising is outfitted with its amazing ad plan Fans Tunnel enabling you to reach beyond your existing follower circle. On the selection of Fun Tunnel, all your Weibo ad posts will be displayed in its timeline format. If users click on it, they’ll be instantly driven to the account that displays your account together with brief details on the sidebar.To Build Brand AwarenessMake the best use of Weibo’s Display ads which are brilliantly made for your business advertising opportunities in Weibo that appears comparable to commercial banners and helps build brand awareness. Source: Free Articles from Westwin offers digital marketing services such as market strategy, search engine marketing, WeChat, and Weibo social media marketing, PPC advertising, mobile marketing, website localization, and more in China. To know more, visit